Family Business Advisors Brisbane

Expert Advisors to Family Groups in Business across the Asia Pacific Region


  • We help your Family Business with Managing Key Transitions – Raising Capital, Planning Succession and Realizing Value.
  • We have over 50 years combined experience and expertise in Family Transitions for some of Australia and Asia’s wealthiest family groups.
  • We are the Asia Pacific Member of the Global de Visscher Group of Family Business Advisers


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Recent Client Case Studies

  • Succession Planning Not Scrambling - An offer too good to refuse. Scanning Systems Australia had an owner that knew he wasn't getting any younger, children that weren't directly involved in the business and no clear post-retirement succession plan for their very successful company. Post-Retirement Exit: Structuring a Family Business for SaleRead more >>

  • When Your Family Business Outgrows itself - Playing catch-up with structures and organisation. Uni-Span had grown fast due to their expertise and the demand in Qld construction. They had outgrown their original organisation structure and needed new capital and management structures to maintain growth. Managing Rapid Growth and Developing a Long-Term StrategyRead more >>

The Difference A Generational Business Plan Will Make

A Generational Business Plan gives total form, function, shape and unity to the immediate and the future.


Family Business Experts

David Harland explains what being a fully integrated family business is all about.

Business Valuation

David Harland discusses methods for valuing a business.